The Escrow (or Settlement) Agent is specifically non-partisan, and has one primary purpose – to close the transaction according to the terms of the purchase and sale agreement. This involves clearing title, acting as intermediary among various interested parties, facilitating the signing of all closing and lender documents, receiving and disbursing funds, and recording the appropriate vesting and security documents.

Parkfield Escrow, Inc. has the experience to protect the legal rights of both the buyer and the seller. The benefit of using an Escrow Agent lies in the training and expertise available to spot legal issues that exist or may arise in the future. Because of this, both buyer and seller are alerted to potential problems, so that the issues may be resolved before they become costly legal problems.

Purchase and Sale transactions often become very complicated. Numerous interested parties, outside of the buyer and seller, often become involved in the closing process. These parties include lenders, other attorneys, family members, guardians, trustees, personal representatives, government agencies, creditors and lien holders, to name a few. Parkfield Escrow Inc. has extensive experience and enjoys the challenge of handling even the most complicated transactions.

We take pride in ensuring that the parties are fully informed during the closing process and clearly understand the legal implications of the closing documents. We take the time to work with the buyer and the seller to explain the process so that in the end, both parties are satisfied.

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