Pomona Escrow Services

At Parkfield Escrow we offer the best services. Think of any real estate transaction, you will find our services very helpful. We are among the best escrow companies in Pomona. We make each real estate transaction very transparent to you. As the best escrow company in Pomona we know there are some real estate terms you may not be familiar. But, we will be your guide in ensuring you get all the details about your real estate transactions so that you can enjoy your real estate transactions. Remember getting any step wrong in the real estate transaction can delay the whole process. As experts we will counter check and ensure all the steps are followed for fast closing.

Best Residential escrow services

If you intend to sell a residential property, then you should ensure you follow the right steps. We can help you achieve peace of mind in your transactions.

Commercial escrow

In the commercial real estate sector, there are also steps you should take into consideration so that you can close in good time. We will make it easy for you to close within the shortest time possible.

Short sale escrow

The short sale process involves receiving less money from your property sale compared to the market value. It is a common case if you own a property and then you decide to surrender ownership to one of you.

For sale by owner escrow

As an owner, you can decide to sell the property without involving a real estate company or agent. It is a great move but you need our real estate escrow services so that we can help you identify loopholes which can make your process stressful.

Refinancing escrow

Changer of mortgage provider will require documentation. If you have noted a different mortgage which is easy to repay, you can decide to apply and have the refinancing of your mortgage. We can play a great role in making your decision a great success.

REO bank-owned escrow

A bank can own a property after foreclosure. If you intend to buy such property, we can help you in having all the necessary papers in order for you to complete the transaction.

Double escrow

It is a concurrent sell of property where two buyers can pay and none of them receives the payment from each other. You may find it complex, but experienced escrow company in Pomona can make the whole process simple for you.

Condominium escrow

If you own a condominium, where you own a unit and the rest are owned by others, we can help you in coming up with the right procedure required during ownership or selling of the property.

CO-OP escrow

In the coop escrow, you buy shares in a real estate company. The company itself owns properties hence you end up accessing revenue from the properties. You can as well ask the company to assign to you a unit where you can live. For you to know more about the working of such ownership arrangements; it is necessary to contact us and we will guide you accordingly.

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