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At Parkfield Escrow we guarantee you the best real estate escrow services. There are several escrow companies available in Norco, but you should carry out due diligence so that you can hire the best company for your specific transactions. We are a fully equipped company you can work with to have your real estate transactions running smoothly. For several years we have been serving people in Norco. It does not matter the type of property you are about to own. We know there are different types of real estate property ownerships. You can decide to buy or sell a commercial or residential property. Our company has the experts to help you achieve the best when it comes to handling real estate transactions.


There are rules governing the sale of residential property. We work you in all the stages of selling your residential property so that you can achieve the best deal. Our work is more of a third party who ensures you follow the right steps so that the agreement you will reach between the buyer and seller will not expose you to further challenges when transferring the ownership of your property.


If you own a commercial property, then you will have to follow the steps laid down to sell or buy a commercial property. Even if you do not know all the steps, you can work with us and we will help you follow the right steps in selling your property.

Short Sale

In cases where two owners own a property, one of them can decide to surrender ownership to the other. The transaction which follows is referred to as short sale because the new owners will have to pay less than the market value. You can rely on us to get guidance on the real estate transaction process.

For Sale By Owner or FSBO

When the owner sell a home without involving the real estate agents, the steps involved are just the same but the owner has to do a lot of work. You need us as third parties who can ensure everything goes well in your real estate transaction.


If your mortgage is not favorable, you can seek a different mortgage plan. In such a case, real estate documentation is required. You can work with us to find the whole process simple due to our wide experience.


Due to foreclose process, the bank or lender can repossess your property. In such a case you need to file the necessary papers under the foreclosure laws. You should not be stressed because we can guide you in the process.

Double Escrows

In double escrow you have two concurrent selling of your property. The two buyers pay but none of them receives the amount paid by the other. You should get in touch and our experienced professionals can tackle the process with you.


A condominium allows people to own a single property. Each person can have access to a specific part but the common amenities are shared. You can work with us to achieve the best in such transactions.


Here you buy shares in a real estate company. The share allows you to use the real estate property or live in one of the units. We can help you in such transactions.

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