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We at Parkfield Escrow are proud of being the leading providers of real estate escrow services in La Verne. We recognize the fact that real estate transactions usually involve vast sums of money and the parties involved need surety before participating in them. We have a host of escrow services that make things simple and straightforward for you. Our goal is to ensure that both the buyers and the sellers participating in the transactions are well-protected. We also help solve any dispute that may arise during the process.

Through our professional escrow services, you don’t need to be worried whether you are a seller or the buyer of the real estate property in La Verne. We eliminate all the fear and uncertainties surrounding such transactions by providing reliable supervision. As a buyer, we ensure that all your funds are in the safe hands and seal any loopholes that can lead to fraud. For a seller, we simplify the process for you. You only need to make the property available for sale as we verify its condition. We also protect real estate sellers from fraudulent buyers. To ensure that we meet the needs of different clients, we provide a wide range of real estate escrow services in La Verne. Here is a breakdown of these services:

Commercial Escrow

This service covers the transactions involving commercial properties. These transactions include office buildings, apartment complexes, retail buildings, note sales among others. However, it excludes all residential transactions. This escrow service ensures that the transaction is done in a transparent manner whereby all the relevant documents are made available.

Co-Ops Escrow

This service comes in handy when instead of buying the actual property, a buyer opts to buy the shares of a company that owns a particular property. This means that the buyer will be receiving monthly income or dividends depending on the shares bought.

Condominiums Escrow

This one covers transactions involving buildings or complexes that are owned by many different people but managed by common rules. The complex nature of such transactions makes it necessary to use escrow services.

Double Escrow

Also known as Concurrent Closing, the Double Escrow covers for two transactions that are carried out by two different buyers at the same time. Although it acts independently, it ensures that both transactions are completed on the same day.

FSBO (For Sale by Owner)

We provide this escrow to individuals who are planning to sell their houses, but want to avoid using agents or other long processes.


This service is of importance when you want to clear an existing mortgage so that you take another loan that has better terms of interest and repayment period. Our escrow service can help you to get the best deals.

REO Bank-Owned

This service is also known as Real Estate Owned, and it covers for transactions where you want to involve a bank when buying a property. The service minimizes the complexities that come with such transactions.


This is the most popular escrow service which covers all the transactions involving residential properties.

Short Sale Escrow

We provide this escrow for transactions that involve selling a property for a lower amount than its actual worth.

From the above list, you can see that we have no limitations. At Parkfield Escrow, we are dedicated to serving residents in La Verne by safeguarding their real estate transactions. We have a team of professionals who have the required expertise in ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

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