This is where an existing mortgage is cleared so that you can get a chance to take another loan which is at a lower interest rate and better terms of repayment as compared to the current mortgage that you have. This is the same as buying a home for the first time. However, this time round, there will be no inspection done to the house, but the rest of the procedure is the same. We have the skills to help you while you are going through this to ensure that you get the best deal, you go through it smoothly and that you complete as soon as possible. We will help you handle all the paperwork as well as the technicalities that may be there. We have the experience as well as the dedication to help you see it through. Below are the aspects of the transaction that we help you take care of:

  • We offer the full services that have to be done without leaving anything out
  • We respond immediately to any communication made to us
  • We make sure that we have followed all the instructions to avoid any inconveniences
  • All parties that are involved in the transaction have to be informed of what is going on and on time
  • Any payment that is made has to be issued a receipt as proof of payment
  • Instructions are never given orally; they are done though writing
  • Settlement statements have to be done on time too
  • The company that is issuing the title deed has to be instructed to do so without any delays too
  • All the business deals have to be done in a transparent and accountable manner. This is to ensure that no one gets offended with any of the things that are done. We have to ensure that all our customers are satisfied with our businesses
  • There are many laws that govern such transactions. We make sure that they have all be followed to the letter
  • Anything that is done has to be documented, and the parties get their own copies too
  • We also secure payoff demands that are made by the lender
  • Any money has to be paid as agreed and when it has been agreed on.

Professional Refinancing Escrow Services

At Parkfield Escrow, we are available to help guide you throughout the entire residential escrow process, and provide a smooth transaction as fast as possible. Our friendly, professional escrow agents will work with you, seven days a week.

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