In the event that you want to sell your house, Parkfield Escrow’s “For Sale By Owner” escrow process is easily the smart choice. The amount of money that you will gain in the whole process is much more than if you were to get an Agent, primarily because you will not have any commissions to pay out. However, it is important that FSBO Sellers know that this process is often long, tedious and time-consuming since the process involves a lot of individual work.

No need to worry though, since our Escrow Professionals at Parkfield Escrow are here to help you through the entire process. The first thing that you have to ensure is that you comply with all California Laws that are in play when you are selling the property. Additionally, make sure that your documentation is in place so that you will not have to delay the process once it has commenced. Our experts will take their time to help guide you through the initial escrow process.

This is not the kind of business transaction that you venture into without experience and without professional assistance. The moment you consult Parkfield Escrow for our services, we will show you how we make the process much easier. We make sure that both Buyer and Seller are well protected during the transaction period. Our duty is to be the neutral third-party that will ensure that the transaction goes on as it should be. We are also glad to offer both Parties any advice should they need it. It is our business to ensure that all documents are available and that the funds are transferred through the right channels. Once everything has been concluded, then and only then will escrow close the files of the transaction.

Professional For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Escrow Services

At Parkfield Escrow, we are available to help guide you throughout the entire For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Escrow process, and provide a smooth transaction as fast as possible. Our friendly, professional escrow agents will work with you, seven days a week.

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