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The Escrow process tends to be extended, complicated and tedious for some people. Parkfield Escrow Company Diamond Bar has been designed to specifically ensure that our clients’ escrow experience is one of a kind. The company has diversified its services to ensure that all your escrow needs are met.


Purchasing and offering private property isn’t a simple assignment as there exist numerous laws overseeing the whole procedure. With inadequate expert advice, one may quickly get confused. Parkfield provides you with exemplary legal advisors, who ensure that you comply with all existing laws. They also assist investors in doing a risk assessment, to ascertain all translations are safe– Parkfield Escrow is up to date on the most recent controls and escrow forms to guarantee that we give an efficient, proficient administration to you.


Commercial escrows involve properties that are not within a residential area. Our job is to ensure your commercial transactions are not only fast, but also that you get the fairest deals. We issue receipts to each party for every payment made to ensure that all parties are up to date on the transfer.

Short Sale

For those who are looking to sell real estate property in and around Diamond Bar within a short span, Parkfield is just the place to go. The company ensures that you get the fairest deal, despite being lower than the real value of the property. The company assists in ensuring all payments and settlement documents are prepared in time. Additionally, all parties are sufficiently involved in the process, making communication easier.

For Sale By Owner

If you need to offer your home, Parkfield Escrow’s “For Sale by Owner” escrow process is effectively the savvy decision. This procedure ensures you get maximum profits, seeing as you don’t have to pay out any commissions to an agent. In regular occurrences, however, this procedure is considerably long and dull.

There is no compelling reason to stress, however, since our Escrow Experts at Parkfield Escrow Diamond Bar are here to help you through the whole procedure.


This is a situation where Parkfield Escrow assists you to get rid (clear) of your current mortgage and acquire a new one, with better interest caps and payment rates.

REO Bank Owned

REO Escrow involves the buying of a piece of property by a Bank or a Lender as a consequence of Foreclosure. This particular escrow requires very high standards of reporting, seeing as banks, or instead lenders, are involved. Parkfield helps clients ensure that their transactions adhere to high standards of communication. Additionally, Parkfield ensures you get the best deal available.

Double Escrow

This escrow is also referred to as concurrent closing. It is a complicated transaction, which Parkfield assists in making easier. It involves two concurrent transactions running independently of each other. Parkfield assists clients in negotiating the technicalities to ensure the operation is complete. The company offers clients with advice on impending challenges. It also provides solutions for this challenges.


This is the area of expertise for Diamond Bar escrow company. Shared condominium properties are those with shared amenities. Due to the multiple owners involved, the transaction can be somewhat technical. Parkfield helps navigate these technicalities, ensuring you complete your transaction stress-free.


In terms of technicality, Co-op escrows are similar to condominium escrows. They involve buying part of the company that owns a physical real estate property, as opposed to purchasing the property itself.

Parkfield has all the solutions to any escrow challenges you might have, visit us near Diamond Bar for a smooth and stress-free transaction.

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