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You need escrow services in each real estate transaction you carry out if you would like to achieve the best. Real estate laws keep on changing every now and then. It is necessary to work with the best escrow companies in corona so that the experts can alert you when they sense something is about to go wrong in your real estate transactions. At Parkfield Escrow we are the best escrow company in Corona you can rely on to achieve the best in all your real estate transactions. There are several real estate transactions and we handle most of them. Some of the areas where you will find our services useful include the following:


If you will like to buy a residential property, then you will have to hire an escrow company in Corona which deals with residential buying and selling transactions. We have experts who can guide you through the process so that you can have all the necessary details captured in your transaction for quick closing.


The commercial escrow services involve selling of premises which are used for commercial purposes. We can help you have all the necessary paperwork so that you can effectively transfer the ownership of the property within a matter of days instead of waiting for too long before you can take over the property.

Short Sale

In a short sell you sell the property in less than the market value. If you co own a property, you can decide to use the method as a way of having one of you run the property. It is a decision which requires proper documentation. Our experts can help you greatly in the process.

For Sale By Owner

Selling a property requires a lot of work in terms of marketing. But, you may be lucky to find a willing buyer in a short period. You still need our escrow services so that you can have the right documentation for the transfer of ownership and the right valuation of your property.


Some mortgages are a bit complex; you can opt for a cheaper option and repay the stressful mortgage. The change of mortgage arrangements requires our escrow services.

REO Bank Owned

Your bank can take over the property due to foreclosure. We can help you have the right documentation so that you can remain with peace of mind after foreclosure.

Double Escrow

The double escrow involves concurrent selling of your property to two different buyers. It is a complex process but our experts have the necessary experience to handle the process.


In some arrangements several people can own different sections of the same property. It involves sharing of common amenities. We can help you get into such arrangements or sell your unit.


In this arrangement you decide to buy shares in a company which own property. The share allows you to own part of the property where you can live or wait to enjoy revenue generated from the property. If you prefer such arrangements, we can help you. Just sign up with us today.

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