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At Parkfield Escrow we offer the best real estate escrow services. Think of any real estate transaction, we can help you close the deal fast. You can easily access our services by opening an escrow account with us. Our services are straight forward. For instance, if you decide to sell your residential or commercial property, there are many transactions required before the ownership can be transferred for you to receive the cash. We act as a third party where we will ensure everything between the buyer and the seller goes on smoothly. There are several regulations which govern the real estate business. Our experts deal with the laws on a regular basis hence we are in the right position to ensure nothing goes wrong as you sell your property.


You can contact our escrow company in Chino to assist you in selling your residential property. In this case, you intend to sell your residential property and we will be there to help you arrange all the paperwork as well as follow all the procedures required to sell your home. You should not worry even if it is your first time. Our experts will ensure everything goes on well.


If you intend to sell a commercial premise, then you need to open a commercial real estate escrow account with us. There are several regulations you need to follow and we will guide you.

Short Sale

There are times you can sell a real estate property less than its market value. It can happen due to the ownership status where you co share the property then you decide to sell it to the other owner. It is a complex process which you need to hire us so that we can relieve you the stress.

For Sale By Owner

There are several things you need to do before you can sell your house. For example, you will have to advertise among other transactions. You should not worry provided you can get in touch with us. At our escrow company in Chino we have helped many people sell their properties.


In this case, the occupant of a home can decide to clear the existing mortgage so that he can apply for one with fair terms. It is a process which involves a lot of paperwork. We can assist you have all the paperwork in order so that you can start enjoying new terms within a short period.

REO Bank Owned

It happening as a consequence of forecloses. If your bank or lender decides to buy the property, you need proper documentation. Our highly experienced experts can help you through the process.

Double Escrow

It is a concurrent closing where two transactions by different buyers are conducted concurrently. The payment from one buyer should not be used to pay the other. It is a complex arrangement but our experienced experts can help you handle the process.


There are premises owned by several owners. They are managed in stipulated ways. If you decide to sell such a property, then you need us to help you in handling the transactions.


It is more like condominium escrow, but you buy shares in the company which owns the premises. It should not stress you even if you have never tried the process. Our experts will be there to help you through the process.

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