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When companies engage in acquisitions, mergers or real estate transactions, every individual usually focuses on closing the deal. Such transactions usually involve a lot of money and as a result, every party involved in closing the deal is usually on high alert to ensure that everything goes as planned. However, if you hire a reputable escrow agent, you will not have to worry about anything because they will handle everything on your behalf.

Escrow is a way of exchanging money or property using a neutral third party. In most cases, a large established financial institution or an independent company usually offer escrow services. Before closing the deal, an escrow company usually retains custody of the assets (securities, cash, etc.) until certain conditions are met. The assets will only be released if the escrow company is certain that those conditions have been met. If you are looking for a reliable escrow company Brea that has many years of experience in offering quality services, then Parkfield Escrow is the right company for you. For many years, we have consistently offered quality services to all our clients to ensure that they are happy and satisfied. When you choose us, you can be sure that you will expect nothing but the best.


Residential sale escrow is when a residential family and multifamily structures are available for sale. When you hire our services, you will act as neutral third party and before the deal is closed, we will ensure that all the involved parties are satisfied.


A commercial property escrow involves encumbrance or transfer of property other than residential such as industrial properties, retail and more than for unit apartment. At Parkfield Escrow, we are committed to deliver quality services to ensure that all parties involved in the deal are happy and satisfied.

Short Sale

A short sale is when a financially-distressed home owner decides to sell his/her home for an amount that that is less the amount due on mortgage. The buyer of the property usually a third party, (not the lender). All the proceeds that is obtained from selling the property usually goes to the lender. When you hire our escrow company Brea, we will ensure that all parties involved in the deal are happy and satisfied.

For Sale By Owner

In most cases, when a property is sold, the transaction is usually negotiated, then the purchase agreement is formulated by both agents representing the seller and buyer. However, when you hire our services, then you will not need an agent to represent the buyer or a seller when closing the deal.


This is when a home owner wishes to take away some equity that they have. They usually do this either to fix the house, pay off debts, lower interest rate or change loan term. We really enjoy processing this type of escrow it allows us to work directly with home owners and lenders.

REO Bank Owned

This is when a real estate property becomes a bank property. It usually happen when the borrower becomes delinquent and as a result, he/she default on his/her financial obligation. The bank reposes the property and classifies it as a real estate owned.


This refers to large property that is divided into small units then sold. Owner of this property usually involve nonexclusive interest in particular common properties that is controlled by condominium management.


Co-op is not the condominium. This means that instead of owning a physical property, you buy a share in a certain corporation which in turn owns the building. When you hire us, we will handle every aspect of the Co-op escrow.

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